Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter & Grocery List

The not so long grocery list

Winter this year is colder than previous years. That was what I have been told by the local lads everytime I asked about the winter. Yeap, it's freaking cold eventhough it's not as cold as in Mid West, Canada or Alaska. But trust me, it's FREAKIN' cold. When it's cold, you just feel lazy to move around. All you want to do is stay at home, watch tv, eat and the best of all, sleep underneath the cozy comforter and fleece. Heaven*

Zaki's place in Audubon, 15 miles from Philly

Our apartment car park from the lobby

But we still have a list of groceries that we should get for our kitchen in this chilling freezing weather. I wish that Korean or Vietnamese Supermarket provides door to door delivery services. But they do not. Damn it. Now I've got to go out there and get that stupid groceries. Subzero temp, here I come [It's -14C or 7F out there]!

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