Monday, January 26, 2009

Princeton, Kebun Buah & Sin Nien Kuai Le 2009

At 11:20 sharp, we headed towards Princeton from Saffa's abode. It took us half an hour to reach Ewing, a surburb of Trenton, New Jersey.

We took a car drive around the area with our other 3 friends. The area was picture perfect, with stretch of empty lands and beautiful houses.

The Princeton University buildings victorian architecture are awesome

As we reached Princeton, we parked the car and took a walk. We walked through the Ivy League university, snapping pictures along the way. We loved the architecture of the buildings around Princeton.

Between the academic blocks

Students' Hall

Later, we took a short break and went into a bakery shop at Palmer Square Shopping and Eateries. It was a relieved since the weather outside was cold. Sipping hot coffees and tiramisu was a blessing. We chatted for a while before we started heading out again, braving the cold.

Princeton's Palmer Square Shopping streets

Princeton Public Library

As and Aina D., the couple who have been staying in Ewing for the last 3 years, brought us to our next destination: Terhune Orchards, where they sell fruits and vegetables from their own farm. There were turkeys and geese too. There are all sorts of fruit plantations, from strawberries, apples to peaches.

The Terhune Orchard's farm

The Kepo Cat

We were welcomed by a fluffy cat, which was so tamed that followed us everywhere we go. Then there's a docile dog waiting outside the shop where they sell their goods. I was skeptical at first, afraid that it might bite us as we entered the shop. But then, as we passed through, there was no reaction from the dog, and it seemed to be lazing around, taking no interest on us. What a relief.

And the lazy dog, Cider Jr.,the orchard's "guardian"

Inside the shop. Fresh fruits and veggies

Penang Restaurant of Nassau Park Blvd, Princeton

We made our final stop at Penang restaurant, where we had our Chinese New Year late lunch cum dinner. And guess what we had? Yam Basket!!! Been craving for it all this while and who would have thought that we found it in New Jersey?

The overall trip seemed to be so in a hurry that we wished we had more time. But we will be back for sure, and this time it'll be just the 2 of us, taking our sweet time. =)


  1. Oohhh I like your blog! Saya tak pernah pergi ke negara-negara Barat, but hey, at least I could experience America vicariously through your posts :)

  2. Sik payah kelakar melaya zatil, kelakar srwk pun ok =)) hey, we like ur blog too. It's cool. Keep it up the good work ok?

  3. Bring me to see the "Kepo Cat" and Cider.

  4. Kepo Cat and Cider Jr would love to meet Ms Lazare too...


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