Monday, January 26, 2009

A Mum and Her 4 Active Toddlers

Aina, the third and the only princess

Last weekend we went to visit our friend and her children up north in Englishtown, New Jersey. Her hubby is back to Malaysia for 3 weeks for family matters. With 4 kids aged between 2 to 10, the house is full of joy, laughing, screaming [both kids and the mum] and err.. crying. It is nice to be surrounded by active kids and it was not nice at all when we had our butt kicked by a 6 year old when it comes to playing Wii. We suck at it!

Suffian the whimper, the youngest one with his 2nd bro, Safwan playing leftover snow at the backyard

Aiman, the eldest and he is so talented in origami. hmm...

The house. Cute and very cozy and it costs USD250,000 forgodsake!

We didn't have the chance to go to the town itself. We arrived there at night and had to leave for Princeton the next morning. During our short stay, we had very delicious Johor dishes served by our hostess. Saffa, your kari daging and sambal sotong are to die for!

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