Saturday, January 31, 2009

Head Eating

Sorry lamb, we are going to eat you. That look won't help lamb.

Since we moved to Philadelphia, we befriended a neighbour from Saudi Arabia, Ali. He is a Master student together with his wife, we call Ummu Zahrah and their 2 cute daugthers, Zahrah and Qauthar.

They are really nice couple who always invite us to hang out with them at their apartment and try their Middle Eastern dishes and Ali is a very good cook. We love the muttabal, salad, falaffel, lambs etc. But we never expected to try this one : LAMB HEAD. We ate it indeed. The tongue is spongy, the cheek is so tender, the brain is a lil bit bitter and fatty and the eye sockets are heaven! My wife likes the taste of the tongue, meanwhile I love the eyes.

Ali in the middle of price bargaining with the Al Baraka Livestock & Poultry owner, halal meat main source in North Philly

We are quite sceptical at the first place, since eating animal head [except fish] is not in our routine diet back in Malaysia. But after being served twice, we started to like it and the third time, we shared with them to buy the whole lamb that we bought from the halal meat store in North Philly so we can have the head fresh for dinner.

The lamb head special homecook with muttabal and pita bread

Leftover lamb teeth. I think the gum taste better, but we don't dare to eat it.

Definitely, we will bring this menu back to Malaysia and get my butt kick by my friends when I serve them the head or maybe they will like it? Hhmmm... after a deep thought, I know they absolutely will kick my butt.


  1. Makan palak biri-biri?? Yohhh. Makan *drumstick ayam* gik mek sik pande, dek-dek makan bahagian lain...

  2. So the cannibal kan Kak Seripah kan? Hehehe tapi I think I might give it a bite too hehehe.

  3. Wait till you + Tubby are here and we'll have a feast!

  4. and zatil, u should try the lamb head too. its an endorsement so then u can eat all other type of meat =))

  5. dont forget to drop by in Kuching ...

  6. of course we will Ida, it's our home. There's no other place like Kuching. We missed Kuching badly.


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